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Starting Over & Over......

Starting over brings me so many mixed emotions. The fact that we are all forced to stay at home triggers me to wonder about a plethora of things. Did I complete all of my tasks? Could I have done things better...wait did I eat? In addition to my mind wondering, I have this strong sense to create something, I'm sure out of boredom and yet I would never consider myself artistic. Yet multiple business projects and ideas that I have put on the shelf began to resurface. As feelings of excitement began to overwhelm me, I quickly reminded myself that many of my old ideas and projects were simply too complex and required me to start from the very beginning...too much like starting over, hence the mixed bag of emotions.

I will admit that during this time of quarantine, I have put things in perspective such as my health, wealth, family, and my overall quality of life. Now that you have read my random is what I plan and I encourage you to do also. M.O.V.E. Make Opportunities Via Effort. Whether you are starting over on a project, health/fitness, a relationship, or business, understand that starting over will come with a mix of emotions but well worth the effort.Become very clear about your desired outcome(s), this will help people like you and I from staying on the hamster wheel of do over. I'm sure you may question, how do I make this acronym applicable? Well...I'm glad you asked! In order to make opportunities your must first research and find opportunities. Then you must actually WORK the opportunity.

With all of this said, I leave you with one final word...perspective. Your mindset can affect your M.O.V.E. Think of a rose...when it blooms, is it starting over or is it restoring and renewing? I'm choosing to restore and renew so that I can make my M.O.V.E. Now I'm not encouraging you to revisit old wounds, yet find productive and empowering tasks to move your creative energy. So what are you waiting for? Make your M.O.V.E.

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